President's Greeting

Shigeru Ogisawa, President

The Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities (JIAM) provides advanced specialized training to local municipal leaders, assembly members and related personnel throughout Japan. Having commenced operation in April 1993, as of its 30th anniversary this spring, a total of more than 110,000 people will have attended the Academy's programs. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your support and cooperation.

Now, unpredictable international circumstances continue, and Japan is faced with multiple challenges, including intensification and frequent occurrence of natural disasters, a declining population and soaring prices. In this context, local issues are becoming increasingly diverse and complex, with residents expecting their municipalities to address various matters, such as the response to disasters and infectious diseases, promotion of childcare support, as well as furtherance of digital transformation (DX) and decarbonization as the key challenges.

A daunting number of challenges are thought to lie ahead, but that is precisely the reason we need personnel who continue to work hard with the belief that we can build a society where everyone is able to a smile about their life. JIAM is committed to the planning and implementation of training in a wide range of areas to develop staff with international awareness and global perspectives, as well as strong planning and problem-solving skills. This will afford an adaptive response to the various issues at hand and to changes in local government environments.

The Karasaki area of Otsu where JIAM is located was once Japan's political and cultural hub. Lake Biwa predominates as Japan's largest lake serving as a significant wildlife habitat, and is overlooked by Mt. Hiei - a sacred location in Japanese Buddhism. Here in this ideal place for the cultivation of human resources with global perspectives and initiative, JIAM is committed to providing high quality training programs, hoping that those who have gathered, learned and interacted with each other will return to their local governments and boldly challenge emerging issues. We look forward to seeing you at JIAM.

JIAM welcomes the input of all related parties.

Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities

July 2023